Access key scheme

Access keys let you change display settings and navigate around a website without using a mouse. You may find them a convenient way to move round the site without having to move your mouse at all. Access keys and how to use them

Unfortunately, different browsers use access keys in different ways. In general you need to hold down a key or two, and then press the access key you want.

Browsers for PCs

Browsers for Macs

Access keys on KAB

KAB uses the following access keys:

Skip to content on any given page allows you to bypass the navigation areas and go directly to that page's main content.

Notes & feedback

Please note that some assistive technology tools such as the IBM HomePage Reader and WindowEyes already make use of the alt+[access key] combinations. As such, users of these tools will not be able to use these access keys.

These access key assignments are based on research into best practice across the web (in an attempt to be consistent with other sites' access keys), and an understanding of the key global navigation requirements of KAB users.

If you have any comments on how KAB online could make better use of access keys, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..