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Kent Association for the Blind

Images of people using a liquid level indicator to make a cup of tea, using bumpons on an oven and large print on a Kindle

Products to help with everyday tasks

There is a wide range of products available that are specifically designed to help people with sight impairments to live as independently and safely as possible; these vary from small gadgets to large pieces of equipment, from simple stickers to more advanced technological devices, from cheap to expensive. We have explained some of the types of products that are available below, but our experienced Rehab Workers can help you make an informed decision about what will meet your individual needs. Click here for contact details for your local KAB team.


CCTVThere are many different makes and models of magnifiers from portable, hand-held electronic magnifiers to closed circuit televisions (CCTVs) which can be used to read text or recipes, view photographs, write greeting cards or do crosswords. They all have a range of colour and magnification options and vary in price. Contact your local KAB team for information and advice about what type of magnifier will suit your needs.

Daily Living

Liquid level indicators being used on a mug and a glassThere are a variety of products available that are specifically designed to help sight impaired people carry on with everyday tasks independently. These range from clocks and watches with large displays, liquid level indicators that sound an alarm and/or vibrate to let you know when your cup is getting full to talking microwaves. Some products can be quite expensive but there is usually a cheaper option that is just as effective, such as labelling your existing microwave with tactile markers to indicate the most regularly used buttons. Our Rehab Workers can give you help and advice on how to make everyday tasks manageable using your own equipment and/or specialist products with your individual needs in mind.
Click here to find your nearest KAB team.

Getting About

It's important to be able to get about safely and independently both in your home environment as well as in your local surroundings; KAB's Rehab Workers provide mobility training and recommend appropriate canes, if necessary, to ensure you can do this. There are also some products available that you may also find useful once you are confident getting out on your own, such as GPS devices or apps for your mobile phone to tell you where you are, find specific locations or help you read road signs or bus timetables. Contact your local KAB team to discuss which of the available options will be best for you.


Different task lighting lampsIf you are sight impaired, good lighting can really help to make the best use of your remaing vision. The light should be placed in front of you so it is directed onto what you want to look at. However, depending on the eye condition, sometimes too much light, or the wrong kind of light, can make seeing more difficult. Our Rehab Workers can recommend a range of task lighting lamps to provide more light or products like overspecs to help reduce the amount of light, depending on your needs. To find out more about the products available contact your local KAB team.


Two different mobile phones

There are lots of ways to manage your correspondence and keep in touch with your friends, family and local community. This might include using magnification equipment and task lighting or a computer with specialist software.Click here for more information on computers and accessible software.

Mobile phones and tablets are also becoming much more accessible for people with sight impairments offering colour contrasting buttons, large screens, magnification and speech options. There are also specially adapted radios and players available to make it easy for sight impaired people to listen to audio books, Kent Talking Newspapers or a radio station of their choice. Contact your local KAB team to out more about the products that are available.


Associated Optical

UK partner for Eschenbach, supplying digital and optical magnifiers, lighting, filters and daily living aids.
Telephone: 01628 600 410
Visit the Associated Optical website 

Cobolt Systems Ltd

Clocks and watches, healthcare and household products, kitchen aids, personal items.
Telephone: 01493 700172
Visit the Cobolt Systems online shop

Enhanced Vision

Digital magnifiers and advanced digital magnification systems.
Telephone: 0800 145 6115
Visit the Enhanced Vision online shop


Assistive technology, magnifiers, audio text readers, computer access software, talking GPS.
Telephone: +44 1933 415 800
Visit the Humanware online shop


Magnifiers, talking products, healthcare and household products, mobility aids, book readers, eye wear.
Telephone: 01226 764082
Visit the IC-Online online shop


Assistive technology, magnifiers, audio text readers, computer access software.
Telephone: 01923 231313
Visit the Optelec online shop

Professional Vision Services

Supplying CCTVs, Electronic Magnifiers and the latest products for sight impaired people.
Telephone: 01462 420751
Visit the Professional Vision Services online shop


Everyday living equipment, mobility aids and video/hand held magnifiers.
Telephone: 0303 123 9999
 Visit the RNIB online shop

Sight and Sound Technology Limited

Computer software, mobile phone software, electronic video magnifiers and Braille products.
Telephone: 01604 798070
Visit the Sight and Sound Technology online shop

VisionAid Technologies

Accessibility software, Braille equipment, large print keyboards, monitors, reading machines, video magnifiers.
Telephone: 01775 711 977
Visit the VisionAid Technologies online shop

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