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Kent Association for the Blind

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You might find that the fixtures, fittings and decor in your home are no longer suitable for you, and it might be useful to consider making some simple adapatations to help you make the best use your vision.

Is the lighting suitable for your new needs?

  • Usually a well lit environment without glare is most beneficial.
  • Daylight is usually the best form of lighting. Try sitting with your back to the window so the light is behind you.
  • Keep your windows clean and curtains drawn back to allow in as much light as possible. However, if the sunlight is too strong, roller blinds, vertical blinds or net curtains will help diffuse the glare.
  • To increase the light in a room, redecorate the walls and ceilings a light colour.
  • Avoid shiny surfaces that reflect the light and cause glare.
  • Lighting levels can normally be improved by changing the light fittings to a style that distributes the light evenly around the room. Avoid fittings where the light bulb is visible or where the shades throw shadows and patterns.

Asses the safety of each area by considering:

  • Are the stairs well lit?
  • Would additional rails give extra confidence?
  • Are floor coverings in good repair and are the mats non slip?
  • Is a fire guard in place?
  • Are half open doors a hazard?
  • Can glass doors be seen easily?
  • Would a contrasting coloured light switch, door, or door frame be more visible?
  • Colours that contrast with one another can be put to good use throughout the home.

 If you are making changes for a sight impaired person, make sure you discuss your ideas with them first. People's needs and wishes vary and no two people see exactly alike.

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