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Kent Association for the Blind

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Mary, born in 1916, is extremely active and motivated. She lives in an apartment in Sevenoaks.

In May 2009, Mary had a stroke. As a result she lost the vision in the right eye whilst the vision in her left is now blurred. Luckily no paralysis has occurred that affects mobility or limb weakness.

On my initial visit, many issues were discussed. Mary was not in receipt of Attendance Allowance, even though extra support was required for a hairdresser, chiropodist and taxi use. Together, we completed the forms and are now waiting to hear if the claim is successful.

Fluorescent task lighting was provided which immediately helped Mary with reading large print, even when using her own hand held magnifier. Mary has also been referred for a low vision assessment, to check if other magnifiers might be more appropriate.

Mary was worried about safety in the kitchen so colour contrast has been improved, appliances marked to make them easier to use and a liquid level indicator issued to guide her when making hot drinks.

Good family support exists and an RNIB everyday living catalogue was left so family can help her choose other items that are available, such as talking clocks and big button phones.

Mary's confidence and independence have now increased and she is delighted with the positive results that have been achieved.

KAB Rehab Worker

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