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Kent Association for the Blind

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Eye examinations are vital to make sure you keep your eyes healthy. Just like regular visits to the dentist, they should be part of everyone's normal health regime. Your local optometrist will be able to examine your eyes.

Here are ten important reasons to have a regular eye examination:

  • You've only got one pair of eyes. Once lost, your eyesight can never be replaced
  • Unlike your teeth, your eyes do not usually hurt when there's something wrong
  • The eye examination can pick up early signs of potentially blinding eye conditions which may then be treated
    If you have a sight impairment, it's still important to continue having eye examinations to see if there are any changes in your sight that necessitate changes in your spectacle prescription or indicate further treatment.
  • The earlier a problem is detected the greater the chance of successful treatment. This is particularly true for young children
  • The eye examination can also detect a number of underlying health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes or brain tumours
  • An examination checks whether your eyesight needs correcting with spectacles
  • Good vision means working and playing better and safer - in fact it means a better quality of life
  • For young people, good eyesight is important for learning. An eye examination will detect any sight problems which may be affecting school performance*
  • Failing eyesight is often taken for granted as people get older. By having an eye examination and remedying sight problems, older people can improve their quality of life significantly**

Unless otherwise advised you should have an eye examination every two years. It may be necessary to have them more frequently depending on your age and medical history.

* Children's Eye Health: a report on vision screening for children, Henry de Zoete (2007)

** Evidence base to support the UK Vision Strategy, UK Vision Strategy (2008)

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