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Kent Association for the Blind

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Kent Talking News is a free weekly service featuring articles from local newspapers across the region. We produce 13 different editions each week, so there should be one that covers the area where you live. Each edition also contains an entertaining magazine, as well as occassional information on events, services and treatments relevant to sight impairment. Recordings are posted to you on a memory stick, to help keep you in touch with local life if you find reading difficult, or impossible. 

Why not sign up for your FREE local Talking News today by completing the form below! You will need access to a computer or a USB memory stick player (which we can provide at a cost of £42), but a member of our Talking News team will contact you shortly to discuss your needs and process your order.

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All our recordings are available online and updated weekly. To listen to a recording click on the first button below the edition name. The second button is to pause, and the third to stop playback. The recordings should play correctly on most devices and browsers but if you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us.












Weekly Magazine



There are other talking newspapers available covering Bromley, Bexley, Canterbury and Whitstable. Contact details for these are listed below:

Bromley District Talking Newspaper Association

Freelands Grove
Bromley BR1 3LH
020 8290 0085

Canterbury & District Recorder

c/o Mrs Jenny Seatherton MBE
82 Margate Road
Herne Bay
01227 371989

Bexley Talking Newspaper

c/o 15 Silverdale Road
Kent DA7 5AB
01322 523411

Whitstable Echo Talking Newspaper

c/o St Patrick Joy Lane
Kent CT5 4LS
01227 273108

Photo of a Sovereign USB player

The guide below will help you understand the technology you can use to listen to Kent Talking News.

Online - By clicking on the green play icon below each edition, you can hear the recording through the speakers or headphones connected to your computer. You can move to any part of the recording by clicking on the timeline bar, or pause or stop by clicking on the respective buttons.

Boombox - This is an easy to use device for listening to USB memory sticks. The audio on the memory stick is usually in MP3 format, and broken down into stories that can be skipped, or repeated. Most of these players will remember their place in the recording if you stop listening. This feature is often is referred to as “Bookmarking”.

USB Memory Stick - A USB Memory Stick is a small device for storing large amounts of digital information, such as documents, pictures, or audio files. They are the ideal format for a service such as this, as they are reliable and can be reused again and again. They can be plugged into the USB port on any computer, or a USB Boombox.

Photo of a Memory Stick

SD card - Another small device used for storing digital information. They are commonly used in digital cameras and mobile phones, and can also be used to store text and music. Just like a memory stick, the information stored on them can be accessed using a computer, or by certain audio players such as the BWBF Concerto.

MP3 - This is a type of file which allows large amounts of audio information to be compressed to around a tenth of its normal size, without loss of quality. This means that a great deal more audio can be put onto a memory stick or similar device than would normally be possible.

Order your copy of Digital Kent Talking News

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