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Kent Association for the Blind

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If you've volunteered for KAB we would love to hear your volunteering stories and find out what has inspired you to give your time to KAB.

Back in 1920 one of the founding purposes of the Association was to mobilise the local volunteer force "to promote the welfare of blind persons". 

“We express the deepest gratitude to all the many kind people who have so readily given time to help the Association in its work. We hope they will feel some measure of reward in the knowledge that they are bringing joy and light to the lives of a very large number of people” KAB Annual Report 1921

Today over 900 KAB volunteers give their time and their skills helping people across the region stay independent, mobile and linked to the life of their local communities.

Your volunteer stories

Beverlie Bright

For many years I have wanted to do some form of voluntary work, but never put my thoughts into practise, and most probably wouldn't have done so if I hadn't been walking past the KAB offices ( not that I knew this at the time ), and saw a sign for the " Talking Newspapers".  I'm a fatalist, but was still surprised how this drew me into the building where, there and then, I became a volunteer for the KAB.

I started in the talking newspaper department but have since also joined the fundraising volunteers, and thoroughly relish both roles. In the fundraising department I have enjoyed jobs from putting stickers on collection tins and filling envelopes, through to helping out at a charity concert and an event for service users and helpers. I have enjoyed every moment of my voluntary time at the KAB, and hope to carry on doing so for some time to come. I have been welcomed with open arms, and I'm only glad I mistook the parking sign for the Talking Newspapers as a request for volunteers!

Diana Gordon

Volunteering for KAB has been the most rewarding experience of my life. No kidding. I have been involved in a diverse range of tasks, from stuffing envelopes for appeals and office administration, to helping run social events, cooking for marathon runners, helping to set up an art exhibition, befriending, and being a sighted guide at a countywide conference and an art workshop – all in a year.

This has drawn on my life experiences, made me feel useful and given a real sense of accomplishment. I would recommend the experience to anyone who likes a challenge (big or small), and who enjoys meeting new and interesting people.

Francis Smith

I just wanted to let you know that I've been volunteering for KAB now for over 5 years since my husband was diagnosed with having MD and it's made such a difference to my life as well I hope to the lives of others. I give one day each week driving people to their local KAB club and helping out there. If anyone's reading this, volunteer for KAB! You'll love it.

Chris Simmons

I did a fundraising collection for KAB a few weeks back in Maidstone. People were really kind and generous even in these difficult times. Thankfully the weather was kind to us.

Pat Tayne

I've been a volunteer for about two years, after a friend who was already volunteering for KAB told me about it. I began helping out at a local KAB group for visually impaired people but now I also do some work as a Befriender, accompanying people on trips out and helping them to read their letters. It's lovely work. I meet many different people from all walks of life and it helps to give my week real meaning knowing that I've made someone's day a bit easier.

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